There now seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel of doom the music world has been stuck in for so long. And to make that glimmer sparkle a little bit brighter, we are thrilled to share with you that Ryan Webb has joined the WDFD Records family.

Ryan Webb oozes multi-instrumental talent along with powerful vocals and has been fine tuning his sound since releasing his first EP ‘Journey’ in 2015. ‘Journey’ had a more classic rock feel to it which Ryan Webb followed with the slightly heavier ‘Stop The World’ in 2018. Continuing to explore musical directions, Ryan Webb found the path he wanted to follow and released the single ‘Don’t’ in 2020 which achieved the heavy, riff ladened sounds that he feels are a true reflection of him as an artist. 

In addition to joining WDFD Records on a label deal, Ryan Webb has also teamed up with WDFD Records’ new management service. 

WDFD’s Keith Lamley said: “Ryan is a hidden gem. A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist and a thoroughly nice man. We cannot wait to help him on his journey and focus his incredible drive and enthusiasm. He has an excellent band around him for live work and you can be sure you will have the opportunity to catch him live in the coming months”.

Ryan said: “I am absolutely delighted to announce that I will be joining WDFD Records. I have been following WDFD for a while, and am so impressed at the way they’ve developed a great family among the bands they look after, which shows it’s truly a label that cares for its artists. I’m also going to be looked after by their management team, and am really looking forward to working with them”.

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Verity White Alibi single cover

Add a little Verity to your Zoom calls

We’re always looking at fun ways for people to support our artists, especially as we navigate this strange gig-less world and finances are tight for many. We’re all having to keep in touch with friends and family using video messaging, and now you can do so with a bespoke background to support the release of Verity White’s ‘After the Storm’ EP. Simply download the file (if you use image mirroring make sure you download the mirrored version) and add it to your Zoom virtual background in the settings. Don’t forget to share your screen grabs!

In addition to the Zoom backgrounds, there’s also an Alibi wallpaper for your phone which you can show off to your mates (from a safe distance, obviously)


Verity White announces new show with The Big Dirty and She Burns Red

Verity White has announced a new show that you definitely don’t want to miss! Sharing the stage with naughty rockers The Big Dirty and Scottish hard hitters She Burns Red, there promises to not be a dull moment at The Charles Bradlaugh in Northampton on 16th May.

Super excited about the show, Verity said “I can’t wait to share the stage with my filthy friends The Big Dirty again! We have a lot of surprises in store and are already talking though many ideas for madness (the event not the band!) … this is gonna be one not to miss!”

You can get your tickets for the gig here…make sure you get down early to make the most of a night of music, merriment, and mayhem that will get you rocking on a whole new level.

Offering something a little different to the new rock scene, Verity White and her band are a breath of fresh air in both style, sound and approach who offer an alternative to ‘alternative rock’.

Taking influence from 90s stalwarts such as Skunk Anansie, Garbage, Sleater Kinney, Pearl Jam, and Tori Amos, Verity White and her band meld driving riffs, powerfully emotional lyrics, and passionate vocal lines to create brutal, yet beautiful and honest rock music.

You can buy or stream ‘Breaking Out’ here and ‘Reclaim; Set Fire’ here or order direct from the official website.


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Who would you like to see play Dementia Aware Festival in Reading?

The Facebook group Emerging New Rock Bands are searching for an up and coming rock band to join the lineup for Dementia Aware Festival in Reading on 4th July 2020. In addition to the festival slot, the winner will also receive a bespoke PR package from ourselves (should the winner already have PR representation, this will transfer to the runner up).

You can find brief details on all the bands who have entered along with links to their Spotify channels and a YouTube video link where applicable.

Please take the time to check all the bands out before voting (details at the bottom of the page).


Chambers are a hard hitting trio from Leicester who pride themselves on their unique brand of fuzzy rock. Check out their tracks on their Spotify channel here

Watch the video for ‘Black Spit’ below.

GrooveCake Rock Funk Band
Hailing from Buxton, GrooveCake promise a tasty treat of psychedelic rock with plenty of groove. Check out their tracks on their Spotify channel here

They also have some live videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure which you can find here

Dirty Ol’ Crow
Dirty ol’ Crow are a London based, energetic five-piece hard rock band with one goal – to bring raw and undiluted rock n roll to as many ears as possible! Check out their tracks on Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Sex Dictator’ below:

Circus 66
London based Circus 66 like to blur the lines between various genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. Check them out on Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘A Thousand Miles From Home’ below:

Gone Savage
Based in and around Manchester, Gone Savage gives modern melodic rock a hard edge and a tight under belly.  Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Bulletproof’ below:

Molly Karloff
Oxfordshire based alt-rock grunge band Molly Karloff pack a powerful punch that speaks for itself. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘She Said’ below:

Straight out of Nottingham, Cottonmouth meld metal, grunge and hard rock with catchy choruses and big big riffs. Check out their Spotify here

Broken SoulDetermined to not be labelled, Broken Soul marry elements from across the rock genre with their own unique sound. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Shitty’ below:

Black Cat Bone
All the way from Edinburgh, Black Cat Bone bring the sleazy, fuzzy rock to the party. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Coming For You’ below:

Black Whiskey
Drawing on influences from the 1970’s to the present day, London based Black Whiskey provide riffs and grooves galore. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Here To Stay’ below:

Broken Lines
Broken Lines are a psychedelic punk rock band from Pembrokeshire who like to keep things modern. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Cellophane Killer’ below:

Verity White
Hailing from Cheltenham, Verity White and her band combine riffs and grooves with poetic lyrics and a thumping bass. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Come and Get It’ below:

Hunted By Elephants
London based Hunted By Elephants are a high-energy hard rock band with soaring vocals, growling riffs and energising drum beats. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Human Eyes’ below:

Jamie Porter Band
Jamie Porter band gives you a rock and blues with a little bit of country swagger. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Touch the Sky’ below:

Jack and Sally
London based Jack and Sally are a pop rock trio certain to get you moving. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Long Way Home’ below:

Hailing from Cardiff, Eulogy are a melodic hard rock band who infuse their music with dark, lyrical twists. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘You’ll Die Alone’ below:

Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm
Based in Worthing a with a unique mother and daughter pairing, Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm offer an eclectic brand of blues rock. Check out their Spotify here

You can watch a selection of live videos on their YouTube channel here

Hailing from the Nortwest, Soldato will fill you with dirty rock riffs and heavy beats. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Black Rage’ below:

Land Captains
Bristol based Land Captains fuse heavy riffs and funky beats; serious songwriting with a touch of bombast and a healthy dose of silliness. Check out their Spotify here

Watch the video for ‘Automatic’ below:

You can vote for your favourite band by clicking here. Voting closes midnight Sunday 12th January 2020.