UK-based hard rock artist, WEBB brings a refreshing sound to the rock world. Ryan Webb combines intelligently written songs with strong, powerful vocals, and outstanding guitar skills.  His ability to perform intricate riffs whilst singing dynamic, yet smouldering vocals that breathe life into emotive lyrical content has garnered praise from industry critics, and his genre-defying tracks have impressed music fans keen for versatility.

Beginning recording under the name Ryan Webb in 2015, Journey was released from Ryan’s eponymous EP. Considered to be a classic rock track, it received substantial airplay from numerous stations, including Radio Caroline. Mastered by Pete Maher (Rolling Stones, The Killers, Paul Weller), the EP contained a mix of pop rock and classic rock tracks.

In 2017, Ryan started working on a slightly heavier sound, releasing his 9-track genre-diverse album, STOP THE WORLD! in 2018. Aside from the lyrics (written by his wife, Sonya), drums (James Wise) and mastering (Pete Maher), everything else was written, performed and produced by Ryan in his London-based studio.

Fast forward to 2019 and craving an increasingly heavier sound, Ryan wrote and recorded the single DON’T! and with this one track, Ryan felt he had found the direction he wished his music to progress. Mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica), the single was released in May 2020 along with a video and Ryan continued to work on more tracks in a similar vein throughout the COVID-19 restrictions, being ready to start gigging whenever bands and venues were given the green light! 

2021 has so far seen big changes for Ryan, as he’s signed with both WDFD Records and Alpha Band Management, and April marked the start of an exciting new direction under the new moniker of WEBB. The explosive EP, Disenchanted will be unleashed in August, with an album to follow in 2022. 

Upcoming Shows

14th Aug 2021             Disenchanted EP Launch – The Vic, Swindon

What the media says…

“Whether it’s his earlier lighter material or his new heavier direction, you can be assured that the passion and the quality will still remain at the same high standard. It seems like there’s still a lot more to come from WEBB, and that’s a very exciting prospect indeed.” – ERB Magazine

“With what appears to be an endless supply of air in his lungs, Ryan can quite easily rival the likes of Matt Bellamy from Muse, or even the late and great Jeff Buckley.” –  Uxbridge Gazette.

Stop the World! is an energetic track that could easily attract the ears of the Gallagher brothers, such is the structure and vocal style of smoothing the lyrics when sung. Oasis would never have chosen such a bold guitar riff however, and that picked melodic part carries the song and injects a positive feel to the whole package.” – Down the Front Media.

Stop the World! is quite simply, stunning. We can’t stress enough the excellent musicianship…every song could easily be released as a single. ‘Stop the World’ is an album you will come back to again and again. We can’t wait to see what comes next from this exciting artist!” – FV Music Blog.

“Swindon’s Ryan Webb takes no prisoners. This is militantly metal, with spikes. It rocks with edge, it doesn’t hang around with an ambient intro, stop for a melodic break, the bridge is reached in seconds, the rolling guitar riff perpetually quivering your bones. He has the range encompassing any rock avenue, and projects all with comfort and competence.” – Devizine

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