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WDFD Records is an independent record label specialising in new and emerging rock bands with a passion for keeping the bands as the central focus.

WDFD Records was formed in May 2017 with a view to helping emerging bands on the road to stardom. The ethos behind WDFD is very much moulded around Managing Director Keith Lamley’s own endeavours in the music industry, having been in a band himself in the 1980’s. His personal experiences with an A&R guy led him to believe that things could, and indeed should be done differently.

From its humble beginnings, WDFD Records has nurtured and supported bands with their journey into the music industry, allowing them to move on to the next stage of their career with confidence. A great believer in collaboration, Keith Lamley has forged excellent working relationships with other industry leaders as well as sponsoring numerous festivals. To date, WDFD Records has sponsored Stonedeaf Festival, Wildfire Festival, Call of the Wild Festival, Rockwich, and Just Push Play, as well as hosting their own WDFD Festival.

WDFD Records also produced two free compilation CDs featuring the bands on the label, which were distributed at gigs and festivals all over the country.

The Roster

WDFD Records currently has 8 bands on their roster, representing the full diversity of the rock spectrum and beyond. From the heavy crunching tones of Hell’s Addiction to the glam rock of Shyyne to the infectious indie of Verity White and everything in between, there is something for everyone.

You can check out the bands on the WDFD roster by using the handy Spotify player or the YouTube Showreel or visiting the WDFD Records’ Rock & Roll Imaginarium. Find out more by visiting the WDFD website at www.wdfd-records.com

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