Describing themselves as ‘the bastard sons of Royal Blood and Twenty One Pilots’, THEIA blend the viscous sound of Biffy Clyro with a stark lyrical honesty that reflects their cynically optimistic outlook. 

Following the departure of bassist Paul Edwards in 2021, the Lamley brothers took this blow and flipped it on its head, using it as a catalyst for change and re-imagining the way they would work as a band. The new musical style reflects the maturity of the duo and provides the listener with a modern alternative to traditional rock music. It’s unapologetic, forward-thinking, anxiety trapped in the strings of a guitar and serotonin released through the desperate grip of a pair of drumsticks. Accompanying the new sound will be the full throttle, energetic live performances that fans have always associated with THEIA and flamboyant frontman Kyle Lamley.

Hailing from Burton-upon-Trent, the former incarnation of THEIA came to life when frontman and guitarist Kyle Lamley; who has been raised on his father’s collection of Marc Bolan, Alice Cooper, and AC/DC records, teamed up with lifelong friend Paul Edwards (bass/vocals) to form the spine of the band. Ash Lamley joined the fray in 2019. During the early phase of their evolution, THEIA released two well received EPs followed by their debut album in 2015 before releasing Back In Line in 2017 and The Ghost Light in 2019. Along their journey, they played Hard Rock Hell X, Rockwich Festival, and Planet Rock’s Winters End Festival, supported a number of high profile bands and toured their own headline shows. Accolades during this time included Planet Rock ‘Ones to Watch’ and Great Music Stories ‘Single of the Year’ for the track Home.

Frontman Kyle is the creative soul of the band and is responsible for guitar stunts, vocal acrobatics, and lyrical ponderings, but not necessarily in that order. He first picked up the guitar when he was about 12 years of age after finding his Dad’s dusty Ibanez electric stashed under a bed. After years spent in retirement, the guitar called to him and he couldn’t resist.  Constantly striving and evolving, using the experience of playing in front of thousands of music lovers over the years, Kyle has honed his craft. “Now that the roots have truly taken hold, THEIA is a project that’s finally ready to show off the fruits of my labours”, he says proudly. Younger brother Ash Lamley started his THEIA journey as their roadie at the tender age of eleven. He turned down a position in the band three years ago, but decided to spend a small fortune on a drama degree; this wasn’t much help when he needed to reacquaint himself with the drums after 5 years away from the stool and learn a whole set list in 3 months before his debut gig in 2019. He has now found his feet and is back in the groove, “I can remember the songs 40% of the time”, he says.

Pulling influences from the classic rock era and mixing it up with a more contemporary sound, THEIA will be bringing a new and refreshing alternative sound that will transcend genre and age stereotypes. In a nutshell, THEIA is a timeless musical ideology; music made to lift spirits and get endorphins flowing, and they want to share those good feelings with the world. You want a way to escape the mundane? Come and hitch a ride with THEIA, we promise it will be exhilarating!

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Junction, Cambridge*
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Assembly Hall, Islington*
Symphony Hall, Birmingham*
Engine Rooms, Southampton*
Tramshed, Cardiff*

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