WDFD Records is an independent records label specialising in new and emerging rock artists. They currently have eight exciting bands on the roster and with plans to evolve, a bright future lies ahead. Find out more about WDFD Records here.

Taking place in Worthing, Hammerdown Festival is aiming to be the Download of the south. This two day festival features a wealth of emerging rock talent that will satisfy every need. Read more about Hammerdown Festival here.

Describing themselves as ‘the bastard sons of Royal Blood and Twenty One Pilots’, THEIA blend the viscous sound of Biffy Clyro with a stark lyrical honesty that reflects their cynically optimistic outlook. The new musical style reflects the maturity of the duo and provides the listener with a modern alternative to traditional rock music. Find out more here.

London based Caine seamlessly blend a dynamic mix of nu metal and pop-punk. The resulting nu-core is melodic, invigorating and has grabbed the attention of the Recording Academy for the second consecutive year as they are being considered for a second round of Grammys. Find out more here.

Verity White was our first major client, and one who we wanted to work with from the start. She is bright and bubbly and a total breath of fresh air on the rock circuit. Find out more about Verity White here.

UK-based hard rock artist, WEBB brings a refreshing sound to the rock world. Ryan Webb combines intelligently written songs with strong, powerful vocals, and outstanding guitar skills.  Find out more about WEBB here.