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WEBB to release new EP ‘Disenchanted’ in August

We are beyond excited to announce that WEBB will be releasing a new EP entitled Disenchanted on 14th August.

The five track EP includes the track DON’T! which was released in 2020, along with four new tracks which showcase the heavier direction which Ryan Webb has taken recently. This heavier sound, combined with his powerfully soulful vocal results in a velvet covered sledgehammer of an EP. As with Ryan Webb’s previous releases, Disenchanted demonstrates the multi-instrumental talent that makes him unique.

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The single Concrete Beds, a track which covers the subject of homelessness, is slated for release this summer.

About the EP, Ryan Webb says “I’m really excited about Disenchanted. It’s an EP that I am really proud of and I feel that now I have found the right direction for my music.”

Watch the promotional video for Disenchanted here:

Pre-orders coming soon.

Tickets are now available for the Disenchanted EP launch show at The Vic, Swindon on 14th August 2021

The full press kit including a full bio and imagery can be downloaded here

About WEBB

UK-based hard rock artist, WEBB brings a refreshing sound to the rock world. Ryan Webb combines intelligently written songs with strong, powerful vocals, and outstanding guitar skills. His ability to perform intricate riffs whilst singing dynamic, yet smouldering vocals that breathe life into emotive lyrical content has garnered praise from industry critics, and his genre-defying tracks have impressed music fans keen for versatility.

Beginning recording under the name Ryan Webb in 2015, Journey was released from Ryan’s eponymous EP. In 2017, Ryan started working on a slightly heavier sound, releasing his 9-track genre-diverse album, STOP THE WORLD! in 2018. Fast forward to 2019 and craving an increasingly heavier sound, Ryan wrote and recorded the single DON’T! and with this one track, Ryan felt he had found the direction he wished his music to progress. 

2021 has so far seen big changes for Ryan, as he’s signed with WDFD Records, and April marked the start of an exciting new direction under the new moniker of WEBB.

Find out more about WEBB here


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There now seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel of doom the music world has been stuck in for so long. And to make that glimmer sparkle a little bit brighter, we are thrilled to share with you that Ryan Webb has joined the WDFD Records family.

Ryan Webb oozes multi-instrumental talent along with powerful vocals and has been fine tuning his sound since releasing his first EP ‘Journey’ in 2015. ‘Journey’ had a more classic rock feel to it which Ryan Webb followed with the slightly heavier ‘Stop The World’ in 2018. Continuing to explore musical directions, Ryan Webb found the path he wanted to follow and released the single ‘Don’t’ in 2020 which achieved the heavy, riff ladened sounds that he feels are a true reflection of him as an artist. 

In addition to joining WDFD Records on a label deal, Ryan Webb has also teamed up with WDFD Records’ new management service. 

WDFD’s Keith Lamley said: “Ryan is a hidden gem. A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist and a thoroughly nice man. We cannot wait to help him on his journey and focus his incredible drive and enthusiasm. He has an excellent band around him for live work and you can be sure you will have the opportunity to catch him live in the coming months”.

Ryan said: “I am absolutely delighted to announce that I will be joining WDFD Records. I have been following WDFD for a while, and am so impressed at the way they’ve developed a great family among the bands they look after, which shows it’s truly a label that cares for its artists. I’m also going to be looked after by their management team, and am really looking forward to working with them”.

WDFD RecordsRyan Webb


A Little Bit Of Trouble’ has a gritty, angsty vibe which nods to Verity White’s grunge influences whilst also adding a modern twist with crunching riffs and a bouncing chorus which immediately has you singing along. Lyrically, the track is semi-autobiographical, but the subject of finding yourself in a little bit of trouble is something which we can all relate to and it is already receiving widespread airplay.

Released on WDFD Records and taken from Verity White’s second lockdown EP ‘Ungrounded’, this track is the perfect follow up to lead single ‘Strange Times’. You can buy or stream ‘A Little Bit of Trouble’ now from

The video for ‘A Little Bit of Trouble’ will be simultaneously premiered on the WDFD Records YouTube Channel and on the Emerging Rock Bands Website at 11am on Saturday 13th March. Set those reminders!

In addition to the single release, it was announced on Wednesday that Verity White would be supporting the legendary 80’s icon Toyah at The Robin 2, Bilston this coming November. This is going to be an unforgettable night, so get your tickets before they are gone.

Verity said:

“I’m over the moon to be supporting Toyah – an absolute icon and someone who is constantly pushing boundaries. It’s inspiring to work with somebody who you’ve looked up to and who has always challenged ideals and forged their own path, just like I try to do!

I truly cannot wait – this is going to be one special evening!”

Verity White Band is:

Verity White – Vocals
Joe Kelly – Bass (live)

Alex White – Guitar & Keys
Alex McIntosh – Drums (live)

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While the music industry is still being put through the mill, WDFD Records continue to look forward and we are thrilled to announce that they have added Hertfordshire hard rockers Electric Black to their roster.

Electric Black may be a new name to you, they may have only formed in 2018, but they are one of the most exciting and dynamic bands to hit the scene in recent years. Drawing influence from the likes of Bad Company, Rival Sons, and Black Stone Cherry, Electric Black combine anthemic riffs, soaring vocals, and a melodic rhythm section with lyrics that take on difficult topics. The emotion conveyed in the both the music and lyrics create a truly immersive experience.

WDFD’s Keith Lamley said “From the moment I saw the ‘Love is a Light (For the Lost)’ video, I was hooked on Electric Black. They make a huge melodic sound, look good and they turned out to be smashing guys when we spoke to them. Simply cannot wait to bring their new material to you, and to see what we can help them achieve. Check them out!

Vocalist Ali said, “Electric Black are very proud to be joining the WDFD family; a label with its artists at its core. We’re excited to work with an experienced music industry team to hopefully get our artistic endeavours to the next level!

Electric Black have clocked up over 150 shows nationwide since their formation, building a strong and dedicated fanbase. Despite a pandemic foiling their plans, four tracks from ‘The Calm Before’ have been released as singles, with the most recent, ‘Not Afraid To Die’ receiving airplay on Planet Rock’s New Rock Show.

Electric Black are:

Alistair Shiach:  Vocals / Rhythm Guitar 
Jonny Bryant: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ryan Trotman: Bass / Backing Vocals 
Matt Butler: Drums


WDFD Records announce new team.

WDFD Records Announce New Team

To round off October in style, WDFD Records announced on Friday the new team which will move them forward as the new landscape around rock music unveils itself in the coming months.

WDFD Records Logo

Keith Large, Dave O’Hara, Chris Stones and Pete K Mally join the team bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge, and creativity, which will further strengthen WDFD’s position among independent labels.

This announcement marks the end of an exciting month for WDFD Records where they have announced two exciting new band signings in the shape of Steal the City and Fallen Mafia, along with a collaboration with Morgan Creative to bring a new look and feel to the WDFD Records brand.

You can read the full announcement here:“if-nothing-ever-changed-there-would-be-no-butterflies”

WDFD Records Roster Poster

WDFD Records Sign Fallen Mafia


Building on last weeks news, we are thrilled to announce that WDFD Records have added another string to their bow in the shape of Newcastle quintet Fallen Mafia

With their trademark hard and heavy sound along with their captivating live performances, Fallen Mafia will add yet another dimension to the WDFD roster. It is this commitment to supporting a diverse range of bands that will allow WDFD Records to emerge from these troubled times ready to take on the world.

Fallen Mafia are a hard hitting 5-piece heavy rock band from Newcastle who have been bringing their unique sound to venues in North-East and beyond since 2011. They have played at HRH Sleaze III, Wildfire, SOS and Just Push Play Festival, and also won the first opening poll at Stonedeaf(d) Festival in 2018.

Well known on the live music circuit for their positive work ethic, Fallen Mafia are a band who know how to entertain! Crowds obviously enjoy the high energy, hard hitting performances with songs that have true meaning and relevance in today’s society.

Fallen Mafia have supported the likes of Y&T, Michael Monroe, Skid Row, Turisas, The Quireboys, Black Balled, Massive Wagons, Hands off Gretel, Massive, The Rocket Dolls and are currently back in the studio recording their sophomore album. Although live shows are currently off the agenda, Fallen Mafia are scheduled to take part in New Wave of Classic Rock’s Webfest 4 in November.

Fallen Mafia are:

Hannah Neil – Vocals
Chris Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Stephen Hope – Guitar
Duncan Emmerson – Bass / Backing Vocals 
Adas Cowan – Drums / Backing Vocals


Steal The City sign to WDFD Records

WDFD Records Sign Sheffield Rockers Steal The City

There may not be much happening in the music industry at the moment, but WDFD Records Managing Director, Keith Lamley is busy planning for future world domination! In the first of several announcements to be made this month, WDFD Records have today formally welcomed Sheffield rockers Steal The City into its bosom. Promising to crank it up with edgy, thunderous metal for the masses, this signing brings an exciting new dimension to the ​WDFD Roster​. Keith Lamley cannot wait to help them develop, and neither can we!

Image of Keith Lamley and Steal The City on the day they signed to WDFD Records

Since their formation in 2014, ​Steal The City​ have become known for their ability to combine a modern metal sound with harmonious melodies and personal lyrics which give ​Steal The City​ their unique sound. Raw vocals convey the emotions of the political and societal issues which feature in their songwriting, while driving riffs and catchy choruses add a softness to their sound. This is edgy, thunderous metal for the masses which brings an exciting new dimension to the ​WDFD Roster​.

Having toured consistently on the northern circuit, ​Steal The City​ sold out Corporation, Sheffield for their EP launch in 2018. They have also appeared with Heaven’s Basement, Glamour of the Kill, and Skindred, gaining a reputation for a knock out live performance and wowing new fans. While touring is off the cards for a while yet, we cannot wait to see what’s next in ​Steal The City​’s story!

“Steal The City have the potential to be the next big UK rock band with their infectious melodies and punky inspirations giving them a real Rise Against and A Day To Remember vibe.” – Gig Radar

Steal The City​ are:

Joe Hanson – Vocals and rhythm guitar 
Tom ‘Smit’ Smith – Bass and vocals 
Jake Bailes – Lead Guitar
Ellis Bullement – Drums

WDFD Records


Steal The City



WDFD chooses Rockstar PR

WDFD Records have exciting plans for their future and we’re over the moon that they have chosen Rockstar PR to join them on their journey.

When Rockstar PR was launched, WDFD Records Managing Director, Keith Lamley was the first person we discussed our plans with; not as a sales pitch, but because we truly valued his opinion and we knew he shares our passion for supporting new bands.

To say we are over the moon with WDFD choosing us as a partner is a huge understatement and we are really looking forward to working with a company who share our own values of ‘Collaboration not competition’

WDFD Records have a kaleidoscope of plans that will be set in motion over the coming months and we’re ecstatic that we will be helping to deliver their vision.

Keep your eyes peeled on both our and WDFD’s socials for news as it evolves!


WDFD Records was formed in May 2017 with a view to helping emerging bands on the road to stardom. The ethos behind WDFD is very much moulded around Keith’s own endeavours in the music industry, having been in a band himself in the 1980’s. His personal experiences with an A&R guy led him to believe that things could, and indeed should be done differently. 

From its humble beginnings, WDFD Records has nurtured and supported bands with their journey into the music industry, allowing them to move on to the next stage of their career with confidence. A great believer in collaboration, Keith Lamley has forged excellent working relationships with other industry leaders as well as sponsoring numerous festivals. To date, WDFD Records has sponsored Stonedeaf Festival, Wildfire Festival, Call of the Wild Festival, Rockwich, and Just Push Play, as well as hosting their own WDFD Festival.

WDFD Records also produced two free compilation CDs featuring the bands on the label, which were distributed at gigs and festivals all over the country. 

WDFD Roster

WDFD Records currently has 8 bands on their roster, representing the diversity of the rock spectrum. From the heavy crunching tones of Hell’s Addiction to the glam rock of Shyyne and everything in between, there is something for everyone. 

Gig crowd

COVID-19 and the Future of Gigs

The lockdown measures imposed on society as a whole due to COVID-19 have had a disproportionate impact on some industries, most notably the entertainment sector. The music industry has felt the full force of the restrictions; tours have been cancelled and a whole festival season has been virtually wiped out leaving bands and venues high and dry. To make matters worse, there is currently no indication when bands will be able to get together to practice, let alone perform in a packed venue.

Some artists have taken to streaming performances on social media and there is a growing debate about whether they should be charging. This is a double edged sword and one which bands, especially emerging bands, need to consider carefully. On the one hand, there should be a value attached to their work, whilst on the other, charging probably won’t attract new viewers to the stream. As the restrictions look set to stay in place for a while yet, artists may need to look at finding a balance between the two; a regular open live stream with the option of a paid stream with exclusive content. Yes, there are those who will wait for the content to appear on the free stream, but there are also fans who will happily pay for the added extras. Each band will need to find their own balance; there is no right or wrong.

Along with merch sales, this may just be enough to help bands tick over until they’re able to get back out on the road. But even then, the live scene is going to take a substantial hit. All signs (as of writing) are suggesting that social distancing measures may need to be in place until early next year, or possibly even longer; how will bands and venues survive in the longer term? The logistics of touring could mean that your favourite band might not be able to tour for some time yet, capacity restrictions could mean shows are no longer viable in terms of ticket and merch revenue. 

One solution would be one off shows which comply with government regulations, which are also streamed live to a paying online audience. Watching a gig online is no substitute for actually being in the room, but a compromise is far better than losing something altogether. A standard 3 band bill would offer the same opportunities as they have done previously, allowing bands to reach a new audience and extend their fanbase. Not only is this model achievable as it requires very little additional kit, it can be scaled up or down to take into account any changes to guidelines or localised lockdowns.

And the best thing with this model is it needn’t stop when the world returns to the pre-COVID norm; offering a paid live stream to a show would make them accessible to everyone, overcoming the hurdles many with illnesses and disabilities need to navigate in order to enjoy live music. 

There will also need to be a new way of hosting gigs to support the scene through this difficult time and shows may look different for a while. Not only will venues have to work around possible social distancing requirements, they will have to reassess every aspect of a show; from the queue at the door, pinch points, how people access the cloakroom, the bar and the toilets, all the way through to the way kit is used/shared/changed over; sharing microphones will probably not be a good idea. All of these will also impact a venue’s ability to safely put on a show.

But whatever the future of gigging looks like in reality, the live music scene will need financial support which far exceeds what the government are likely to offer and we need to explore other options to help or risk losing something we all love. 

Verity White Alibi single cover

Add a little Verity to your Zoom calls

We’re always looking at fun ways for people to support our artists, especially as we navigate this strange gig-less world and finances are tight for many. We’re all having to keep in touch with friends and family using video messaging, and now you can do so with a bespoke background to support the release of Verity White’s ‘After the Storm’ EP. Simply download the file (if you use image mirroring make sure you download the mirrored version) and add it to your Zoom virtual background in the settings. Don’t forget to share your screen grabs!

In addition to the Zoom backgrounds, there’s also an Alibi wallpaper for your phone which you can show off to your mates (from a safe distance, obviously)