Rockstar PR is a UK based PR and Social Media Consultancy. Founded in 2019, we offer affordable and bespoke PR and social media consultancy services for emerging rock bands.

Mission Statement

To offer an affordable and bespoke PR and social media consultancy service to emerging rock bands in the UK and further afield who don’t have a bottomless budget for PR and social media marketing campaigns.

We shine a light on talent.

What Makes Us Different?

In the world of promotion, one size does not fit all. With this in mind, we aim to offer affordable bespoke PR and social media services which are built around the specific needs and wants of your band.

At Rockstar PR, we will take time to get to know and understand your band; your background, ambitions, and definition of success. Understanding your existing fanbase and exploring ways to get them more involved will also play a crucial role in all of our strategies.

Regardless of your needs, the first step on your journey with us will be a full review of your existing content (EPK, website, social media profiles, etc) to ensure that you are starting from the optimum position. Take it from us, there is nothing more infuriating to DJs, music journalists, and fans alike than inaccurate and missing information. Your web and social media presence, along with your EPK are your shop front; collectively they are the best form of advertising you have and form a solid foundation from which to launch promotional campaigns. We will help you master your social media and digital content and make it work for you.